YouCopia 09021-01-WHT Lid Holder Review

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9+ Lids - BetterThingsHome Expandable Lid Holder: Total 10 Adjustable Compartments, Stores 9+ Lids, Can Be Extended to 22.25", Kitchen Cookware Pan Pot Lid Organizer Rack - Brand New Updated

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We always think how to store our cooking pots and pan but forget on the lids. Most of us will tend to pile them up in a cabinet making retrieving a big challenge, scratching each other, making the cabinet look disorganized and sometimes leads to breakage on retrieving. The YouCopia 09021-01-WHT Lid Holder comes in handy to sort out the mess you might be experiencing.

It is a great tool to make your kitchen more organized. Organize your pot and pan lids in the lower cabinet or pantry with this lid holder. It Features 7 adjustable dividers to perfectly fit lids so they remain upright and easy to remove. The wires are made of strong stainless steel which will not move from its position and very durable for long term use.

Soft non-slip feet hold everything even round lids – in place inside the cabinet. A deep U-shaped bend in each divider was designed to accommodate all types of handles. It’s easy to find and remove one lid at a time while cooking! Coated steel wires are strong and secure, so they won’t bend, pop out or scratch lids.

Perfectly position seven adjustable dividers to keep round lids upright so they are easy to find and retrieve. Strong, coated steel wires won’t scratch lids and non-slip feet keep everything in place inside the cabinet. A unique base design centers round lids to keep them from rolling out.

What we liked about it

  • The plastic base is much sturdier than you can imagine.
  • The 7 dividers are easy to snap in and out and hold the weight of the glass pyrex dish without a problem.
  • The rack small enough so you can store it inside your cabinets or any storage areas.
  • The adjustability and the shape of the wire dividers makes it easy to insert & remove the lids. The non-slip grips keeps the holder from sliding.
  • It has grippy-feet so it doesn’t slide around.
  • The organizer is easy to set up and easy to use, the wire separators goes in easily to the base with a little squeezing pressure.

What we didn’t like about it

  • Any lids larger the 10 inches fall over at a 45-degree angle or other problems occur.
  • You need twice as many brackets at supplied so you can prop two close together to force the lid to not tilt way over.

Our Opinion

The YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Lid is an impressive solution for the mess pot lids can cause. The fact that you can move the dividers to the width you need is great. When organized well it can carry more lids than you can imagine. It is so easy to get and stay organized. This lid holder transforms your messy drawer of lids into a neatly organized way to quickly find the lid that you need. All these make it a recommendable choice.

YouCopia 09021-01-WHT Lid Holder

Editors Rating 3.8
YouCopia 09021-01-WHT Lid Holder Review
YouCopia 09021-01-WHT Lid Holder Review