iPerfect Kitchen Vegetable Spiralizer Review


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iPerfect Kitchen Vegetable Spiralizer Review
iPerfect Kitchen Vegetable Spiralizer Review
It comes with instructions both in pictures and written and is so easy to use
It has easy and smooth cuts while on use
It is very easy to clean.

Lately, the paleo diet and Vegan diet, which promotes a grain-free lifestyle and limited daily products are the latest diet trend. As it stands, vegetable spiralizers are now gaining popularity as people shift to paleo and vegan diets. Among the popular spiralizers is the iPerfect Kitchen Vegetable Spiralizer which affords you the luxury of creating vegetable options to replace your daily grain-based noodles.

What the iPerfect Spiralizer simply does is quickly transforms whole raw foods into long thin strands. For instance, you can turn firm fruits and vegetables into low carb “pasta” dishes as well as create beautiful salads.

In fact, I was able to spiralize various vegetable varieties including: Broccoli Stalks, Carrots, Cucumbers, Sweet Potatoes, Radishes, zucchini, Regular Potatoes and many more.

Bundled into the spiralizer set are: an iPerfect Kitchen Spiralizer, Ceramic Peeler, Flexible Cleaning Brush, Storage/Protective Bag, Manual Visual Guide, Spiral Slicer Recipes eBook and Healthy Fitness Digital Guidebook.

This unit uses simple turning motion to instantly turn boring veggies into irresistible vegetti spirals. It is dishwasher safe and not-toxic since food only comes into direct contact on the stainless steel.

What we liked about this tool

  • It comes with instructions both in pictures and written and is so easy to use.
  • It has easy and smooth cuts while on use.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • You also get a free eBook full of recipes with this purchase.
  • It an extremely durable product with a life time guarantee.
  • Dish washer friendly.

Our Opinion

The iPerfect Kitchen Vegetable Spiralizer is among the new crop of appliances that we’re likely to be seeing in our kitchen tops soon. I found this spiralizer easy to use and quite sturdy, although I got some reservations on its durability. So far, it is one of the must have accessories for preparing zucchini spaghetti and pasta in homes. If you are health conscious or want to integrate vegetables into your kids diet in a fun and appealing way, this slicer is a safe purchase for your kitchen.


iPerfect Kitchen Envy Spiral Slicer - Best Vegetable Spiralizer, Peeler, Shredder, Zucchini Spaghetti Pasta Maker You'll Ever Use - Makes Veggie Noodles and Cut Vegetables in Minutes

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iPerfect Kitchen Vegetable Spiralizer

Editors Rating 8.2