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Its foam application is amazing meaning once you get it dialed in with the angle of soap
It does a great job quickly and powerfully
The nozzle adjusts quite easily from a wide fan to a narrow stream and the adjustment

On a daily basis, your car needs a clean look, or you somehow have need for a pressure washer at home. If you do, the DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer is among the few options in the market that will excite you, will cutting no corners in giving the surfaces you want to clean a sparkling look.

Unlike the completion, this model is ready for enthusiast users, and professionals alike. It comes with an adapter and a connection tube among other quality fittings that deliver excellent durability for everyday usage.

 Its 160 Bar (maximum pressure) and maximum operating temperature of 60 degrees’ variable with an adjustable with an adjustable spray nozzle suffice for a through pressure cleanup, while at the same time facilitating accurate mixing and foam generation.

The white plastic bottle is translucent – you can see colors inside it but you cannot see through it completely – and feels sturdy like a laundry detergent bottle. The black nozzle on the end where the soap/water exits is a sturdy plastic which rotates to give you control over the shape of the spray; narrow like a jet or wide like a fan shape.

It has a nice opaque plastic bottom, and a high quality metal/plastic top.


  • Its foam application is amazing meaning once you get it dialed in with the angle of soap, it lays a thick coating of foam all over everything.
  • It does a great job quickly and powerfully.
  • The nozzle adjusts quite easily from a wide fan to a narrow stream and the adjustment.
  • It has big enough bottle to cover entire large vehicle (minivan, truck, etc.) thoroughly without having to stop & re-fill.


  • Before using it Make sure your fasteners are tight sometimes Screws are not tightened at all and so the top adjustment knob might come off.
  • Make sure the threaded quick-connect insert is tight as well sometimes it comes not tightened properly.
  • The Bottle is really WHITE it’s not transparent or even really translucent. Can be a little difficult to see how much solution is left more so when using light colored soap.

Our take

Overall, the DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer does what it is designed for, while ensuring that you can at the same time adjust the output to match your preference. The foam produced by this cannon is thick and weighty so that it doesn’t run and dissipate. With that the cleaning action is awesome.

Even dried bugs and stains on white paint from the hot Hawaiian summer sun will be lifted off and rinsed away easily after allowing the foam to sit on the vehicle for just a few minutes. The quality is so much better than you expect. We had certain doubts before but we were wrong. This is a lasting, well-made item and it is a better choice for our recommendation.


DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon Snow Foam Lance Pressure Washer Jet Wash Quick Release Adjustable 1/4" Fitting Male

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Editors Rating 8.7