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ASUS VG248QZ 24" Gaming Monitor 144Hz Full HD 1080p 1ms DP HDMI DVI Eye Care

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With the ASUS VG248QZ gaming monitor, you don’t have to worry about ghosting, lag, or choppy action when playing your favorite title on a tricked-out gaming rig. This 24-inch monitor offers some of the sought-after features at a reasonably low price including a 1-millisecond (gray-to-gray) pixel response and a 144Hz refresh rate, and game enhancement presets.

It offers good color accuracy (not great) and its stand allows for various adjustments (height, tilt and swivel) for optimal viewing. However, its off-angle viewing is less than stellar and a few more I/O ports would be nice.

ASUS VG248QZ screen


The VG248QZ uses a design similar to its 3D ready sibling, the Asus VG248QE. It is clad in thin glossy bezels, a glossy black cabinet, and a matching stand consisting a round base with a Lazy Susan swivel mechanism with a telescoping mounting arm with pivot, height, and tilt adjustability. The VG248QE’s base has a 3D logo, signifying the panel is 3D ready, but our review lacks that logo and subsequently doesn’t support 3D signals.

There are six well labeled function buttons (including the power switch) nestled beneath the lower bezel on the right side. Most of these buttons can be used as hit keys for basic functions like picture presets and GamePlus feature, which presents a game timer and an aiming scope to help zero in on your targets. The monitor’s three video inputs are digital and located on at the rear of the cabinet facing downward (HDMI, DisplayPort, and dual-link DVI).

In addition to the display inputs, you also get an audio input and a headphone jack. There aren’t any USB ports on this model, nor is there an analog video input or a webcam. Also included is a set of embedded 2-watt speakers that are moderately loud but produce slightly tinny sound. The Asus VG248QZ comes with a dual-link DVI cable and an audio cable, but you’ll have to buy HDMI and Displayport cables separately.

ASUS VG248QZ ports


For the most part, the Asus VG248QZ is a solid performer. The monitor’s color accuracy isn’t terrible but it isn’t very ideal either. This 1920 x 1080 TN panel produces oversaturated green on chromaticity chart, but blues and reds are much closer to the CIE (International Commission On Illumination) coordinates. Its greens tend to appear rather heavy in test photos but not overly heavy to cause tinting.

As with most TN monitors, the VG248QZ has fairly narrow viewing angles. You’ll notice some color shifting at around 50-degrees from the center to the side and the view from the bottom is a bit dark. This becomes more of an issue when the panel is rotated in such a way that the bottom angle becomes the left side angle.

The 24-inch panel’s 1-millisecond pixel response and 144Hz refresh rate pair up to deliver an impressive gaming experience.  There’s no apparent lag or image smearing while playing Far Cry 2while connected to the CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8060A7 gaming PC. Results are similar when playing Burnout Paradise on a PS3 console. Panning scenes appear crisp and are free of stuttering.



The Asus VG248QZ is a stylish 24-inch gaming monitor that uses 144Hz refresh technology and a speedy 1-ms response to deliver excellent game play. Its viewing angle performance isn’t the best and it lacks the gear needed for 3D gaming, but if all you need is smooth motion handling, the VG248QZ delivers.

Is there a better alternative?

There are better gaming monitors on the market, yes, but none which offer the low price and high performance of the VG248QZ. If you’re budget isn’t very tight, and you don’t mind a bigger screen panel, then you have a lot of options. Chief among which would be the Asus VG278Q, that offers Nvidia G-Sync adaptive sync, a 144Hz refresh rate and 1-millisecond response rate and DP, HDMI and DVI connections.

Should you buy it?

Yes, you should. The Asus VG248QZ is a high-performing gaming monitor with a price tag of a decent mid-range monitor. It offers the most bang for your buck in its category, and even outperforms more expensive monitors by a comfortable lead.


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ASUS VG248QZ Review
ASUS VG248QZ Review